Import A Car to Luxembourg from USA

If you are planning to export cars from the USA to Luxembourg, you have to go through various legal procedures and follow certain rules and regulations. Before the shipment of any vehicle, you must fulfil a set of required certificates.

Luxembourg custom authority verifies all the mandatory documents while importing/exporting a vehicle. In case, if the submitted documents fail to meet the requirements, then you will not be legally allowed to register any car in the country.

There are several rules regulated by the Luxembourg government and the custom authority regarding the lights of the vehicles, indicator pattern and the sound level. To import cars in Luxembourg, you should first contact the regional officer of Luxembourg government. The officer provides a list of the mandatory documents to complete the registration process. The necessary documents are as follows:


  • Photocopy of the purchase invoice of the car.
  • Vehicle documents such as registration, shipment, tax payment etc.
  • The photocopy of the certificates provided by the guarantors.
  • Instruction manual of your car
  • The Dealer’s License information

Most importantly a custom duty should be paid along with these documents. When you export a used car or a new car from the US, after fulfilling the required documents, you’ll be given an export certificate. When your car is imported to Luxembourg, you could proceed to the final registration.

The complete import/export process of your vehicle is much easier when you go through private custom service providers. These providers reduce your hassle of importing a vehicle that too at reasonable prices


  • Car inland transportation.
  • Container fumigation services.
  • Car packing and loading inside container.
  • Car container services (international shipping).
  • Ro-Ro (Roll-on Roll-off) (international shipping).


  • Please i would like to import a toyota corolla to Strassen, Luxembourg how much will it cost for the shipment

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