A big thanks to UCES MOTORS, We purchased a BMW with John Green and everything was explained in detail to us. Our paperwork was so easy to accomplish. It didn’t feel like we left in a bad deal but a great deal. I appreciated the follow up of the sales team to make sure we are satisfied!
Oliver George 2010 Toyota highlander
I never believed buying car from abroad is so easy, this is my first experience and this company really did a good job, i received my car at the port exact the date that i was given, just want to say thanks for the service
ABD AL-KARIM 2014 Audi Q5
I can’t believe it was this easy to sell my car, you guys amazed me all the transaction went smoothly and i recommend usa cars exporter if you are selling your cars.
Rosa 2015 Ford Edge
I went in expecting to purchase a used vehicle. I didn’t even want to consider a new vehicle thinking it was out of my price range. John Green took the time to give me all of my options and was never pushy. I ended up getting a brand new car that I LOVE and can afford. He even took the time to make sure I knew how everything worked and was set up properly as far as connecting the blue tooth with my phone, etc. I highly recommend Uces motors. It was worth the hour drive to get there.
muhammad ali 2018 BMW X6
My experience at UCES MOTORS was excellent. I am the type to be suspicious of sales people of any kind, but John was very friendly, helpful, and honest! He worked with me on my trade and gave me a great deal on my “new” truck. We were still finishing up after closing hours and I did not feel rushed at all!! I’m so happy with my purchase! Thanks!
Williams chevrolet silverado 1500

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