How To Buy

Purchasing Process

Step 1 (Car Search)

Browse through our inventory to check if we have a car of your Choice

Step 2 ( Payment )

Once you found a car of your choice, and agree with the Price, you can now request for the Invoice. by sending us the Following information below.

  • Buyer’s/ Consignee Full Name as appear on the identity
  • Buyer’s/ Consignee Address and Contact Phone Number
  • Proof of Identity ( Passport or any Valid I.D )

Make a payment according to the invoice and Share the bank T/T ( Telegraphic Transfer) Copy within 48 hours after invoice has been issued

Step 3 ( Vehicle Documents Bill of Lading etc.)

We start paperwork for your vehicle, other document are prepare depend on the requirement in the destination Country

  • Purchase Agreement
  • Bill of Lading (BL)
  • Shipping dock receipt
  • Arbitration Agreement
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • Certificate of Ownership (Title)
  • Vehicle air pollution control statement

Step 4 ( International Shipment. )

Once we complete the paperwork, You will receive the time schedule for your shipment, Departure Date and Arrival to your Country Also the Tracking Number to Monitor the movement of your shipment, All the Original Document will be sent to you VIA FEDEX or DHL which you will received Maximum 3 to 4 Days.

We ship inside standard 40′ High Cube containers. We drain gas, disconnect batteries then a car is being loaded inside the 20’, 40’ HC or 45’ HC container Straight.

Step 5 ( Delivery )

When the car has arrived to the Port of discharge, you need to contact your local Custom Broker with the Original Document we sent to you Via Fedex or DHL to Collect your Vehicle

Please Share your experience, it will be highly appreciated by to improve our service and always contact us if you have any question

Your car has arrived! Congratulations from UCES MOTORS!