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245/40R17 XL, 225/45R17 XL, 285/35R18 XL, 255/40R18 XL, 255/30R19 XL, 255/35R19 XL, 225/35R19 XL, 275/35R19 XL, 225/40R19 XL, 245/40R19 XL, 255/40R19 XL, 275/40R19 XL, 225/45R19 XL, 245/45R19 XL, 275/45R19 XL, 255/55R19 XL, 285/25R20 XL, 295/25R20 XL, 245/30R20 XL, 235/30R20 XL, 275/30R20 XL, 245/35R20 XL, 255/40R20 XL, 275/40R20 XL, 245/45R20 XL, 255/45R20 XL, 265/45R20, 245/50R20, 255/30R21 XL, 245/35R21 XL, 295/35R21 XL, 295/40R21 XL, 315/25R22 XL, 245/30ZR22 XL, 235/30ZR22 XL, 285/40R22 XL, 295/30R24 XL

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  • The Lexani LX-Twenty is Lexani’s newest Premium high performance tire, manufactured to perform on some of the most technologically advanced vehicles in the world! The LX-Twenty represents the new generation of Ultra High Performance by providing excellent handling, enduring tread life and great traction at high speeds, in both wet and dry conditions! You can rest assured that the internal structure of the Lexani LX-Twenty is comprised of the most sophisticated technological advancements in tire manufacturing, utilizing the most modern state of the art manufacturing processes in the tire industry today. Performance and style are yours, while still offering what we consider to be an incredible value!


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