Export of Toyota Corolla from the United States to Cameroon

A refined economy sedan that many will buy because of its name alone.

The venerable Toyota Corolla has undergone many changes since its launch in 1968. During its long life, the Toyota Corolla appeared in the form of a hatchback, a coupe, a wagon and a car. sedan. The world has seen enough people fall in love with this Toyota car to make it the best-selling brand in the history of the automobile.

But unlike the more notable cult cars, such as the Beetle or the Mustang, the Toyota Corolla did not inspire huge follow-ups because of its unique style or lush performance. Instead, she used a more conservative, but no less desirable, affordable combination, excellent fuel economy and exceptional engineering to convince millions of buyers that the Toyota Corolla was the best choice. car for them.

The 2006 Toyota Corolla Sedan is a beautiful car. Although available only as a sedan, the Toyota Matrix and Scion tC at similar prices can accommodate those looking for a small five-door or two-door coupe. Inside, the Corolla is carefully designed with a user-friendly layout and materials that are pretty enough to be used in the more expensive Toyota Camry. Although the front seat is just average, the rear seat is spacious enough to comfortably seat adults. The trunk capacity is estimated at 13.6 cubic feet. With the exception of the 164 horsepower Corolla XRS model, performance is roughly average among economy sedans.

If you’re just looking for basic transportation, the Toyota Corolla – especially a loaded version – seems a little exaggerated. A number of sedans offer equivalent hosting, features, and performance for a lot less money. Do they have the same reputation for quality and reliability? For those who want to spend a little more for peace of mind, the 2006 Toyota Corolla makes perfect sense.

The Toyota Corolla for five passengers and front-wheel drive is a sedan only. Finishing levels include basic CE, best-equipped LE, sporty S and sporty XRS. Standard features in the CE version include air conditioning, a four-speaker stereo CD player, power mirrors, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, an exterior temperature gauge, 60/40 folding rear seats and wheels. 15 inches. Purchase the LE model for faux wood trim, white-faced gauges, a six-speaker hi-fi system, power windows and locks, and keyless entry. The S model does not have power windows, but includes “sporty” exterior trim such as sills and a rear spoiler, smoked headlights, fog lights and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The XRS version features all the cosmetic enhancements in the S version, featuring a 164-horsepower engine, 16-inch alloy wheels, a firmer suspension, four-wheel anti-lock brakes, a tire pressure monitoring system tires. tires, sports seats and cruise control.

Year after year, Toyota Corolla is on the list of favorite cars of Cameroonians. Fortunately, every year, more and more motorists are changing their buying habits. They do not want to waste their time in the car shows and markets of Douala, Yaoundé, Garoua, Bamenda or Maroua, and they do not want to be victims of scammers anymore. On the other hand, they follow the example of motorists around the world and export cheap used vehicles from United state. The process of buying and exporting vehicles from the United States and Austria to Cameroon has become quite easy and affordable for everyone thanks to the services of UCES MOTORS. You get not only access to wholesale sales of used cars in United state, but also additional services such as ordering a vehicle, delivery to the country’s port. To begin your experience, visit our inventory and select a car of your choice.

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